Toyota reinforces carbon neutrality through alternative energy prototype vehicles

Mr. Noriaki Yamashita, President of Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd., announced the opening of the Toyota booth in the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show under the concept of “every route driven and Strive for a Better World” (Multi-ways for A Better World Drive). It presents a vision towards creating a carbon neutral society through a variety of technology options without limits.
Toyota has found prototype vehicles that are powered by alternative energy, including Hilux Revo BEV Concept , LPG HEV Taxi Concept, Prius HEV Concept and Corolla Cross Hydrogen Concept. These vehicles emphasize its leadership in electric mobility with a range of hybrid electric vehicles, including the bZ4X that is considered to be Toyota’s first battery electric vehicle in the xEV Zone. Experience the latest Toyota cars that meet all the needs of customers and are confident with 10 Best Car Awards of the Year “Car of The Year 2023”. There are also special offers at the event including dealers across the country, led by “Yaris, new look 2023” between March 22 – April 2, 2023 at Challenger Hall, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani Mr. Noriaki Yamashita, President of Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd., said in the booth press conference that “According to Mr. Akio Toyoda, he emphasized the long-term vision to achieve carbon neutrality through a variety of technology alternative strategies. Toyota continues to offer better mobility to meet the diverse needs of customers further. Recently, we introduced the “Carbon Neutral Mobility Event”, one of the activities operated by the Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies Corporation (CJPT) established in collaboration with Japanese automobile manufacturers with the aim of accelerating the widespread use of CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric) technologies. This reduces problems encountered in the transportation system and achieves a carbon neutral society. A variety of technology options are presented and automotive innovation aimed at reducing CO2 emissions, as well as looking forward to hearing honest opinions from those involved to experience driving these cars. Moreover, it helps determine the appropriate method of coordination to continue to achieve carbon neutrality.” In addition, Toyota has pioneered the hybrid electric vehicle market as the first owner in Thailand by introducing the Camry hybrid engine since 2009. Currently, the cumulative sales of hybrid cars of Toyota is at over 160,000 vehicles, contributing to over 850,000 tons of carbon dioxide emission reduction, equivalent to planting over 2.5 million trees.

Toyota currently has six electric vehicle models, including five hybrids and the bZ4X battery electric vehicle, and plans to introduce four more hybrids this year to provide more options for customers. It contributes to reducing CO2 even more,” said Mr. Yamashita.

Experience prototype automobiles with various technologies leading to carbon neutral without limits

Prototype battery electric vehicle “Hilux Revo BEV Concept”
The Hilux Revo pickup truck that comes with an electric drive system powered by BEV lithium-ion batteries promotes the realization of carbon neutrality and better preserves the environment . The front suspension is a double wishbone and a stiff rear suspension leaf spring, the prototype of a 100% electric pickup truck developed from the Hilux Revo. It is a single-section cab body with a new front grille exterior design to meet the needs of electric vehicles. The Hilux Revo BEV Concept was unveiled for the first time on the occasion of Toyota’s 60th anniversary in Thailand. Not to mention, there is a plan to present another driving option in the project “Establishing a sustainable city without pollution – Decarbonized SustainableCity”, which focuses on the use of alternative energy vehicle technology and clean energy systems to try out both in terms of transportation, economy and sustainable environmental development in Pattaya.

Prototype hybrid electric vehicle “Prius HEV Concept” The world’s first commercially produced hybrid electric vehicle driven by a hybrid engine. It has an outstanding sporty style, designed with aerodynamics in mind to increase fuel efficiency and performance makes it more fun to drive. The interior is designed according to the concept of “Island architecture”, from the 7-inch digital instrument cluster, allowing the driver to concentrate while driving. It is considered a spacious vehicle as it has a longer wheelbase and also comes with 19-inch alloy wheels.

Prototype LPG hybrid electric vehicle “LPG HEV Taxi Concept” A vehicle developed specifically for the use of taxis. As for the prototypes on display, they are specially decorated with yellow-green colors creating a distinctive identity unique to Thailand. This model comes with a high roof and installed a large electric sliding door. The interior of the cabin is spacious and designed to have a low cabin floor for a smooth support use of ramps for wheelchairs. This allows all passengers, especially children and the elderly to enter and exit the cabin conveniently. It’s also designed for comfort and reducing driver fatigue. It also highlights the power that is friendly to the environment with a hybrid engine that pairs electric power with LPG. It comes with Toyota Safety Sense safety system, peace of mind throughout the journey.

HICEV concept vehicle “Corolla Cross Hydrogen Concept” It is a vehicle with internal combustion engines powered by hydrogen fuel and consists of a 1.6-liter turbo 3-cylinder engine using a high-pressure hydrogen injection system. It takes about the same amount of time to fill up with hydrogen as a gasoline-powered car. Making the use of water as the main component released from the combustion process which offers another option for carbon neutrality.

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      Mr. Noriaki Yamashita, President, said at the end of the press conference that “Toyota is an organization of mobility and focuses on offering technology options to meet the needs of customers. The infrastructure and a variety of energy sources According to the operational strategy aimed at offering a wide range of technology options to our customers to create carbon neutrality under the principle of creating happiness through mobility for all without leaving anyone behind (Leave No One Behind), and we will never stop moving forward to make every living under the sun and the same sky on this planet even better than ever.”