All-New Toyota Prius PHEV 2023

The latest Prius Phev model in the Z -front wheel drive. The outer design of the Prius Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) looks beautiful from the LED headlights with a LED Daytime Running LED light. TOYOTA headlights with front bonnets and front bumpers. As well as the back of the passenger door, designed to be attached to the glass C -LED rear light, slender length in A shape with Prius letters to look more luxurious. In line with the rear bumper set, decorated with a large black license plate frame with 195 -inch alloy wheels with 195/50R19 tires inside the cabin. The front console set has a touch screen, size 12.3 inches, digital gauge, TFT LCD, the same position as Head-up Display, 7 inches, 3-spoke steering wheel, multi-function which is similar to Toyota Bz4X. The power of the same format as the latest 2.0 -liter hybrid engine and the latest 5, 151 horsepower, maximum torque 190 newton meters, paired with a single electric motor in the front, 163 horsepower, with a large lithium -ion battery 13.6 kwh, delivering up to 223 horsepower. It can be accelerated 0-100 in 6.7 seconds with E-CVT automatic transmission. As for driving in the electric mode, it can run as far as 87-105 km.