Japan Taxi Phev

This event, Toyota Thailand, carried JPN Taxi across the sea to make a new color displaying as THAI TAXI in order to show the standard and the technology of energy used on the vehicle. If there are huge numbers of people who are interested, this model can be produced and sold in Thailand. This JPN Taxi is developed to be convenient for various people, including children, elderly, trollers, car flooring and low levels, allowing customers to quickly enter and exit. It has a wide back sliding door that opens/closes using electricity. The vehicle has a car flooring, flat and ears, with a convenient handle. The vehicle is also designed for wheelchair users with high roof shape, slender pillars and the use of large windscreens make a good vision. It has a large window, front and spacious back seat area. There surely is enough storage space for 2 large luggage in the horizontal and 4 golf bags as it can increase the back area up to 560 mm when folding the back seat down.

The engine emphasizes environmental efficiency and energy performance with the use of the LPG-HYBRID System 1NZ-FXP engine, 1.5 liters, which uses a newly developed LPG gas. It has a front wheel drive system that can save fuel up to 19.4 km /liter and reduce the release of carbon dioxide. There are a variety of security systems that can be used in TOYOTA SAFETY SENSE C (TSS-C), a car collision protection set with standards for all grades. At the same time, Sonar Intelligent Clearance Sonar, which detects obstacles and helps prevent or alleviate the collisions caused by rapid acceleration as well as improving security equipment such as 6 SRS airbags as a standard equipment.