5 intriguing mid-size adventure bikes at the 2023 Motor Show

Here are the intriguing mid-size touring bikes at the 2023 Motor Show for those with a budget of no more than 600,000 baht. I must remark that each car is unique in its own way, both in terms of pricing and specification. It is up to you to decide which one will work best for your lifestyle.

1.Triumph Tiger Sport 660

The Triumph Tiger Sport 660’s performance is highlighted by its class-leading performance and equipment, the ability to drive comfortably, and its reasonable price. Engineered to be the ideal everyday ride for driving to and from home and work in the city or for weekend getaways, of course, it is the best car in terms of comfort, capacity, and incredible versatility, as well as the lowest maintenance cost in its class.

Engine: 660 cc
Power: 81 hp at 6,250 rpm
Torque: 64 Nm at 10,250 rpm
Price: 359,000 baht

2. Honda X-ADV 750

Honda X-ADV 750, a mid-sized motorcycle with an automatic gearbox. It has an appealing and aggressive design based on the concept of “letting your instinct guide the way” and is renowned as an SUV bike that provides enjoyment with advanced technology as standard equipment, including functions that allow for flexibility, such as the Honda Smartphone Voice Control System, which connects your smartphone to the automobile via the Honda app. Speech command, voice command system via the Honda app, throttle-by-wire system with five driving mode adjustments: sport, gravel, standard, rain, and user, and a 5-inch TFT display screen with all features

Engine: 745 cc
Power: 58 hp at 6,750 rpm
Torque: 69 Nm at 4,750 rpm
Price: 425,000 baht

3. Yamaha Tracer 9GT

Mid-size sport touring motorcycle Features an all-new engine and premium sport touring features. It’s the most versatile companion when traveling or driving across the mountain. With its 890 cc three-cylinder engine, it delivers outstanding torque with strong power transmission characteristics and impressively improved combustion efficiency. The suspension has been developed in collaboration with KYB to deliver both sporty performance and comfortability while driving. Driving stability can be maintained when accelerating, braking, and cornering with the electronic control system. This makes driving or traveling more convenient for drivers on a daily basis.

Engine: 889 cc
Power: 119 hp at 10,000 rpm
Torque: 93 NM at 7,000 rpm
Price: 569,000 baht

4. Suzuki V-Strom 65

The V-Strom 650XT is a motorcycle that can take you to new challenges and adventures whenever you want, with equipment that will make driving more enjoyable and safer. The V-Storm 650XT has a unique design that gives the driver a sense of adventure and the distinctiveness of the adventure genre. To improve the efficiency of car control, a cutting-edge traction control system is included as standard equipment. Its design is inspired by Suzuki’s first ADVENTURE motorcycle, the DR-BIG, which is visually stunning from every angle.

Engine: 645 cc
Power: 69 hp at 8,000 rpm
Torque: 69 Nm at 6,400 rpm
Price: 379,000 baht

5. Kawasaki Versys 650.

The Versys 650 Mid Size Motorcycle is intended for travel. Stabilization for lengthy trips is included, as are 17-inch race wheels. The user can effortlessly maneuver the bike because of its small profile and comfortable seating posture. In addition to the vehicle construction and accessories that have been updated to allow the rider to travel longer distances, the in-line 2-cylinder engine delivers excellent power at low to medium rpm, responds swiftly, and improves agility. Driving is enjoyable, regardless of road conditions or distance traveled. The new style has been tweaked to appear more colorful and sporty.

Engine: 649 cc
Power: 67 hp at 8,000 rpm
Torque: 61 NM at 6,700 rpm
Price: 329,500 baht