GWM has special offers for customers who reserve the chance to purchase a car through the Value Plus package at the 2023 Motor Show.

Great Wall Motors offers a comprehensive lineup of electric vehicles at the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show, including the all-new GWM Tank 500 Hybrid SUV and the ORA Good Cat, which is now available for reservations.

GWM acknowledges its leadership in electric vehicles and commitment to provide quality automobiles to Thai consumers, and to bring a parade of electric vehicles (xEV) equipped with future driving innovations. Reserve the all-new GWM Tank 500 Hybrid SUV, the first flagship automobile, before its debut and the first official price announcement. GWM will also be accepting additional reservations for ORA GoodCat.

Mr. Michael Chong, General Manager of Great Wall Motor (Thailand), and Mr. Narong Sitalayon, Managing Director of Great Wall Motor, who are in charge of the 44th International Motor Show (Thailand), express a vision for the reveal of the all-new GWM TANK 500 Hybrid SUV, a premium off-road SUV on display at the event, which contributed to the event’s overall success.

The all-new GWM TANK 500 Hybrid SUV is a premium off-road SUV. Developed on the intelligent off-road modular TANK platform with high flexibility, it can support many types of engine systems and various sizes. Powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine working with an electric motor to provide a maximum total power of 350 horsepower and a maximum torque of 616 Nm with 11 driving modes,

Mr. Narong Sitalayon, Managing Director of Great Wall Motors (Thailand), expressed confidence in Great Wall Motors’ first flagship car, the All New GWM TANK 500 Hybrid SUV, after the TANK brand was overwhelmingly successful in China, selling up to 200,000 units in the previous year.

“All-New GWM Tank 500 Hybrid SUV” Nothing is unreachable. Is a car that will bring excitement, difference, and a superior experience to the SUV market and Thai consumers. TANK is the perfect combination of four personalities that we choose to pass on through this new product, which are

T is tough, steadfast, and patient in the face of adversity.
A: ambitious, unstoppable, and always moving forward.
N: neutral, straightforward, approachable; be yourself but keep it hidden.
K – Kindness, mental kindness, gentleness, consideration for others

We are convinced that TANK’s DNA, which is robust and rugged yet full of grace and elegance, will allow Thai consumers to comfortably and safely overcome any challenges.”

In addition to luxury off-road SUV highlights for modern drivers such as the all-new GWM Tank 500 Hybrid SUV, which will be officially released in Thailand soon,

Great Wall Motors will also showcase cars with advanced technology from the HAVAL brand at this event, including the All New HAVAL H6 Plug-in Hybrid SUV, which recently won the “BEST HYBRID SUV UNDER 1,600 C.C.” award as well as the Award for Best Vehicle of the Year “CAR & BIKE OF THE YEAR 2023.”

Along with four other popular cars, including the New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV, which consistently leads the compact SUV segment, the HAVAL JOLION Hybrid SUV, a good-natured lion that comes with many intelligent technologies, and the ORA Good Cat, a 100% electric car that ignites the electric car market for Thais and is extremely popular with Thai people.

Recently, we have just debuted a new attractive color, Pistachio Green, as well as the ORA Good Cat GT, an electric sporty cat with an excellent design and exciting performance.

ORA GOOD CAT received amazing feedback after Great Wall Motors announced the opening of bookings for ORA GOOD CAT again on February 9th. With over 3,000 bookings, Great Wall Motors is demonstrating the success of another level of innovation and introducing new technologies.

Ready to strengthen Thailand’s readiness to become a leader in the electric car industry. By the end of April, Thailand will have 3,000 imported cars, with a total of 6,000 by June. Which responds to the ORA Good Cat’s popularity among Thai consumers who have trusted and eagerly awaited the return of the electric cat.

Mr. Michael Chong, General Manager of Great Wall Motors (Thailand), emphasized that the company strives to be a “different” brand in order to create competitiveness for its business operations in Thailand. sustainable for the domestic automotive sector and capable of providing a diverse range of products, services, and experiences.

By focusing on new alternative energy in developing technology and driving innovations, the company has created five smart cars and plans to introduce them into the Thai market within this year.

“As a ‘world-class intelligent technology service firm,’ Great Wall Motors aspires to be a true brand for motorists.” Throughout the previous year, approximately 40,000 GWM fans and motorists took part in over 400 activities with us, demonstrating that we have always been proactive in engaging with our customers.

Furthermore, Great Wall Motors is the brand with the fastest-growing social media followers in Thailand. GWM has successfully developed and sold over 1 million automobiles for 7 straight years, with over 1.2 million followers in the global market.

Additionally, our vehicles are exported to over 170 countries worldwide, and we have delivered over 12 million vehicles. “GWM’s fans and supporters are an important driving force for us to realize our objective of being a leader in electric vehicles (xEV Leader) and continuing to supply quality vehicles to Thai and global consumers.”

Great Wall Motors also presented a new Haval brand logo at the event, making the brand more approachable to Thai consumers. It also reflects the Haval brand’s great innovation and the brand’s flexible ability to develop for drivers all around the world in the digital age.

Thailand will get a new logo later this year. The logos for the new HAVAL, which was launched this month, will be changed for other ASEAN countries such as the Philippines.

In addition to the display of electric vehicles and innovative technology, Great Wall Motors organizes other interesting corners within the booth for Thai customers, such as GWM Fun, an activity to collect points to redeem souvenirs and win many special prizes, Lifestyle Store, a corner for cute lifestyle products, GWM Bar ready to serve delicious drinks throughout the event, and Lifestyle Lounge, a relaxation area inside the booth, in addition to many offers and benefits.

Anyone interested can visit the all-new GWM TANK 500 Hybrid SUV and the future electric automobiles. You may sign up to test drive a selection of vehicles at Bangkok’s Booth A4. The 44th International Motor Show will be held from March 22 to April 2, 2023, at Challenger Halls 1–3, Impact Muang Thong Thani, from 12:00 noon to 10:00 p.m. (weekdays) and 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (weekends and public holidays).