This year, Yamaha Motor Japan has given importance to “Carbon neutrality” that Yamaha has the intention of achieving the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions to zero by 2050. In the past year, Yamaha has invented and developed new innovations concretely.

The product on display today has brought the ROV concept car (Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles), a hydrogen-powered prototype vehicle under a joint innovation collaboration with LEXUS International. A 100% hydrogen power generator that has been developed since 2015. It is the first time in the world to exhibit outside of Japan.

Furthermore, there are also electric motorcycles such as the E01 and NEO’s that are sold and become popular in Europe. A battery-powered mountain bikes such as the YPJ-MT Pro and Tri town personal electric scooters using LMW technology are also exhibited in the innovation zone. Yamaha is determined to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality for a long- term sustainability.