The Toyota Corolla Cross H2 Hydrogen Concept will be the third alternative-energy vehicle to use an internal combustion engine. The hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine in this prototype will be similar to the ones used in the GR Corolla H2 and GR Yaris H2. Unlike the Toyota Mirai, which transforms hydrogen into electricity for use primarily in propulsion, hydrogen power is a separate form of energy. The Toyota Corolla Cross H2 Hydrogen Concept combines the GR Corolla’s 1.6-liter, three-cylinder, turbocharged petrol engine with a hydrogen fuel system and high-pressure hydrogen injection technology that produces up to 300 horsepower. With a 6-speed manual transmission, it used to take around 5 minutes to refuel this hydrogen. As a result, there is a 24% boost in power and a 33% increase in torque, and the driving range is increased by 30%.