LEXUS Explore the most recent electric vehicles from Lexus Electrified and get a glimpse of various premium vehicles

Mr. Supakorn Rattanawaraha, Senior Executive Vice President of the Lexus Group, Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd., announced the launching of the Lexus exhibit under the idea of “A NEW ELECTRIFIED AGE BEGINS” through the demonstration of innovative technologies le ad by the best of the greatest electric automobiles and the latest from Lexus Electrified like The New All-Electric Lexus RZ (R-Z), 100% electric cars that have been built to be a fully electric cars that stand out with a unique design equipped with technology and many amenities with world-class safety technology. Meet the luxury automobiles of various Lexus models, as well as special offers such as care and providing superior customer service in the Japanese culture style “Omotenashi,” at the Bangkok International The 44th Motor Show, which will take place between March 22 and April 2, 2023 at Challenger Hall, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.

In a press conference, Mr. Supakorn Rattanawaraha, Executive Vice President, stated, “This year is a memorable event for Lexus Thailand. Since Lexus has been marketed, I really hope that everyone has had a positive experience with products, services, and events. We have always focused on the development of alternative fuel cars. Since the debut of a luxury SUV with a hybrid system, such as the “RX 400h,” in 2005 under the goal of “Lexus Electrified,” to meet diverse lifestyles. Lexus provides a variety of powertrain options. Whether it’s a hybrid car, a plug-in hybrid car, or a 100% electric car, our goal is to debut all electric automobiles by 2030 and sell 100% electric cars globally by 2035 and towards a carbon-neutral organisation by 2050. Already, more than 2 million LEXUS Electrified vehicles have been sold worldwide, helping to reduce over 19 million tons of CO2 emissions.”

This year’s Lexus exhibit is presented under the concept of “A New Electrified Age Starts”, launching a new era of electric vehicles together with Lexus through the presentation of alternative energy vehicles like the latest LEXUS RX 450h+ and LEXUS UX Compact crossover plug-in hybrids, which provide convenience in every use, coupled with a hybrid engine drive and a fully electric system. For sedan type cars we have exhibited both in the Masterpiece model and the first-class comfort models such as the LS 500h and ES 300h and the IS 300h, a luxury sports sedan that drives with excitement.

According to Mr. Supakorn, the new automobile was presented during this event. “Today, I’d like to reveal the latest electric vehicle, the new All-Electric Lexus RZ (R-Z), which has been built to be a true electric vehicle while being aesthetically pleasing.” In a very unique Lexus style. This is demonstrated through one of the fundamental aspects of every Lexus vehicle, the Lexus Driving Trademark, or the Lexus driving experience that stand out with a unique design equipped with technology and many amenities with world-class safety technology. I recommend booking through online channels on March 21, 2023 at 3:00 PM, as the first ten customers who book through this channel will receive a souvenir and will be the first ten people to receive a RZ in Thailand.

The best and newest electric cars from Lexus Electrified.

The New All-Electric Lexus RZ, 100% electric car

The New All-Electric Lexus RZ (R-Z), the most recent electric vehicle, was designed to be a real electric vehicle while remaining aesthetically pleasing in a truly unique Lexus style. This is demonstrated through the Lexus Driving Trademark, or driving experience that is unique to Lexus, which is one of the core components of every Lexus vehicle. This is the outcome of Lexus’ finely developed e-TNGA body structure technology. Appropriate battery arrangement results in a low center of gravity, which, when paired with DIRECT4 AWD in the LEXUS RZ (RC-C), helps distribute driving force to the front and rear wheels based on driving circumstances. It can respond quickly to every command and deliver enjoyment in every drive. When driving an LEXUS RZ, everyone feels something special. It is also remarkable in terms of design, with the “Seamless E-Motion” design concept portraying movement in the shape of an electric car. The front grille is reinvented as part of the Spindle Body idea, which combines design art with innovative manufacturing technology to create a one-of-a-kind design. The back design is simple, yet it stands out with a long, crisp LED light line. The interior of the cabin is intended to evoke a sense of connectedness with nature. It features a panoramic glass roof with adaptive dimming. The front console is built using the TAZUNA COCKPIT concept, which makes the interior of the cabin appear big and airy. LEXUS RZ is also equipped with technology and many amenities. Itis also equipped with a world-class safety technology such as LEXUS Safety System Plus. Including an intelligent parking assistance system that makes the driver more confident while parking. Safe Exit Assist and Bio-based Sustainable upholstery made from plant-based ultra-suede gives a luxurious texture similar to high-quality suede. The battery electric power provides tremendous performance, with a driving distance appropriate for actual use, a 71.4 kW battery, it can be charged up to 80% in less than half an hour. The system’s overall output is 308 horsepower, with a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of only 5.3 seconds. With an 8-year or 200,000-kilometer battery warranty

Price (VAT included) The New All-Electric Lexus RZ 450e

  • Luxury Grade 3,870,000 baht
  • Premium Grade 4,190,000 baht
Vehicles on display at the event

“CHARGE THROUGH THE LIMITS OF IMAGINATION” The All-New RX 450h+ PHEV… “Beyond the Boundaries of Imagination” “Car of the Year 2023” is the best car of the year.
LEXUS RX, the popular luxury crossover that has been trusted by customers all around the world for more than 24 years in Lexus history. This is supported by global sales of more than 3.5 million devices. A spindle body represents Lexus’ new identity, with redesigned headlights and spindle grille, new design, and smooth body lines.This is supported by global sales of more than 3.5 million devices. A spindle body represents Lexus’ new identity, with redesigned headlights and spindle grille, new design, and smooth body lines. Consists of L-Shaped Light Bar tail lights to create the impression of a strong and powerful performance.The interior design is gorgeous and meticulous in every detail. It keeps the characteristic of being a quieter RX and having a more spacious interior than before. With high-quality materials that add a luxurious touch (Semi-Aniline Leather) and a panoramic glass roof that adds a new viewpoint to the cabin. The interior is built with the “Human Centric” philosophy in mind, with the driver as the primary point of control. According to TAZUNA design principles, the driver should be able to handle everything without having to look away and should feel as one with the car. Furthermore, the new LEXUS RX features the GA-K (Global Architecture-K Platform) body structure, which makes the car larger and broader while maintaining a low center of gravity, as well as Multi-Link and Adaptive rear suspension. Suspension that can automatically adjust itself in real time. As a result, the new Lexus RX provides exceptional stability and road grip, as well as the ideal steering and throttle response. The interior of the cabin is calm and serene, reflecting the LEXUS Driving Signature philosophy, which is also LEXUS DNA. The new LEXUS RX adapts perfectly to the use of a crossover car in terms of convenience, technology, and safety.

The touch switch on the steering wheel can control the screen above the head-up display. A huge 14-inch screen is comfortably and readily linkable with Apple Car-Play. The Lexus Climate Concierge technology independently adjusts the interior cabin’s temperature. Lexus Teammate Advanced Park is an intelligent parking assistance system that may direct the car into the parking space and park in parallel as well with the LEXUS SAFETY SYSTEM PLUS (LSS+). Lastly, The E-LATCH electronic door lock system with Safe Exit Assist (SEA) stops the door from being opened as a car approaches, ensuring maximum safety.

Price (VAT included) The All-New RX 450h+

  • Luxury grade AWD 4,640,000 baht
  • Premium AWD grade 5,090,000 baht
The first electric car line under the brand “LEXUS ELECTRIFIED”

LEXUS UX 300e (Urban Crossover) is a 100% electric vehicle or PURE-EV that has no engine and emits no CO2. It has a new body structure architecture called GA-C, which connects the body to Lexus’ unique laser system and uses aluminum as a component of the car. As a result, the body is lightweight and strong, with a low center of gravity, and has excellent balance, allowing you to control the car as you see fit. Powered by an electric motor with a maximum power of 150 kW or 201 horsepower and a lithium-ion battery, it can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 7.5 seconds using a 54 kWh high-capacity battery. It can travel up to 360 kilometers on a single charge. The design aspect focuses on the driver and passengers, with improved functionality that provides a wonderful driving experience while remaining ecologically friendly.

  • Price (VAT included) 3,490,000 baht
The LEXUS UX 250h, called “The Urban Disruptor,” is a luxury compact crossover that responds to city life.

The luxury compact crossover LEXUS UX 250h stands out with its distinctive exterior appearance.Sharp lines provide a sleek, thrilling atmosphere, and a new exterior color, Sonic Iridium, and the latest modern feature includes a big 12.3-inch touch screen that enables wireless Apple CarPlay and two USB-C connections on the front. This provides convenience in every journey and lifestyle of modern urban people. It has a 2.0-liter hybrid engine that provides tremendous performance while also being fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. Sync performance with the GA-C body structure architecture (Global Architecture-Compact Platform), which incorporates aluminum into the car body. As a result, the body is light and powerful, with a low center of gravity. As a result, the automobile has an outstanding balance that improves control and provides superior comfort.

Price (VAT included) UX250h

  • Luxury grade 2,540,000 baht
  • Grand Luxury grade 2,740,000 baht
  • Grade F SPORT 3,670,000 baht
LEXUS ES “Refine Your Journey” of new aesthetics of travelling

LEXUS ES (Executive Sedan) is a mid-size premium vehicle from Lexus. It is distinguished from other luxury vehicles by its exceptional smoothness of driving and the silence in the cabin that is distinctive to Lexus. Because of its success, the LEXUS ES entered its seventh generation, with cumulative global sales of up to 2.65 million units. It comes with a new design of headlamps to match the spindle grille, fresh design, sporty lines. The Blade Scan Adaptive High-beam System technology in the 3-eye LED headlamps intelligently adjusts the high-low beam. Aids in the accurate distribution of light in front of the vehicle. The internal systems is controlled by a 12.3-inch screen that is conveniently and easily accessible. The all-new GA-K (Global Architecture-K Platform) body structure with a low center of gravity, outstanding balance, and handling complements the powerful performance that is p owered by the most recent hybrid engine generation. Superior safety technology, including the 2nd generation LEXUS SAFETY SYSTEM PLUS (LSS+) and Parking Support Brake (PKSB), provides confidence throughout the drive. The mechanism will quickly apply the brakes if the system predicts that a collision will occur.

Get a free LEXUS EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE STANDARD at the event (according to the conditions set by the company)

  • Price (incl. VAT) ES 300h
  • Luxury grade 3,625,000 baht
  • Luxury grade 3,795,000 baht
  • Premium grade 4,210,000 baht
  • Grade F SPORT 4,380,000 baht

The ultimate luxury and sporty sedan, the LEXUS IS 300h, features LEXUS Driving Signature.

The LEXUS IS 300h is a luxury sports sedan that is well-liked by people all around the world. Its sleek, sporty style and tremendous performance set it apart. Good acceleration, responsive control, and a desire to push the boundaries of driving performance . With the usage of roads in automobile design and tested at Japan’s Shimoyama racing circuit, inspired by the world’s most brutal racetrack, the Nurburgring in Germany. The Lexus IS 300h is full of strength, with a beautifully constructed car body, construction that takes aerodynamic principles into mind to provide the driver with an enjoyable and engaging driving experience. The exterior features strong lines, is sleek, aggressive, spacious, and longer, with larger wheels with good traction on the road. With the initial cost of only 2.69 million baht.

Price (VAT included) IS300h
  • Luxury grade 2,690,000 baht
  • Premium grade 3,370,000 baht
  • Grade F SPORT 3,890,000 baht

LEXUS LS…a first-class luxury vehicle

Lexus LS, Lexus’ flagship model, embodies the company’s “Craftsmanship” ethic in every detail, thanks to world-class manufacturing engineering, by By using foam technology, it expresses Lexus’ identity and the uniqueness of Japan, which has a standard that exceeds expectations for actual customers. The seat cushions are made of urethane to assist in shock absorption Using a “Adaptive Variable Suspension” suspension system that can inspect road conditions in detail up to 650 levels, it can aid to make driving more smooth. The interior focuses on refinement and is meticulous and attentive to every detail from the master craftsmanship ‘Takumi’ (Takumi craftsmanship) by the decorative materials beside the door made of handmade pleats with crystal glass Kiriko cut style Art from the Edo period. The latest generation includes a user-centered design, a 12.3-inch EMV DISPLAY (Electro Multi Vision), an easy-to-use, new exterior design, new headlights such as “New Slim 3-EYE,” and a world-class safety standard system “Lexus Safety System Plus.” Come equipped with the latest technology “BladeScan Adaptive High-beam System,” an intelligent high-beam adjustment technology that perfectly distributes light in front of the car.

Price (VAT included)

  • LS350 Luxury grade 11,750,000 baht
  • LS500 Executive grade 13,310,000 baht
  • LS500h Executive grade 14,730,000 baht
  • Executive Pleat grade 15,990,000 baht

Experience the new style of owning a Lexus vehicle with KINTO ONE and KINTO Experience “The First Step to Experience Amazing” services.

Service of “Lexus KINTO ONE”

Innovative ways to use cars from “Toyota Leasing” to fit the lifestyle of today’s clients. Individual customers have both short-term contracts of one year and long-term contracts of up to five years that make using the car easy, convenient, worthwhile, and worry-free, with a service fee covering expenses, both in maintenance 1st class insurance with a replacement car during repair and a 24-hour support service, and also no worries about the resale price, just simply return the car at the end of the contract.

Model with KINTO ONE in service:
  • RZ Premium grade, 69,990 baht (starting service fee)
  • ES, Grand Luxury grade, 60,890 baht (starting service fee)
  • IS, Luxury grade, 43,000 baht (starting service fee)
  • UX, Grand Luxury grade, 46,100 baht (starting service fee)

If you are interested, please contact staff at the Lexus booth at the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show, or visit, or contact the call center 02-386-3888.