Thai Yamaha organizes a large vehicle lineup to the stage at “The 44th Bangkok International Motor Show”

experience at the event. The 44th Bangkok International Motor Show launches under the concept of YAMAHA Community of PRIDE – a community that reflects the pride of the Yamaha customers identity, showing off the latest concept vehicles and modern technology and to reinforce the direction towards carbon neutrality. There are more special campaigns to explore between March 22 – April 2 at Challenger Hall 1 – 3, Impact Muang Thong Thani.

Mr. Tatsuya Nozaki, President of Thai Yamaha Motor Company Limited, expressed the concept of the Yamaha booth this year: “For Yamaha’s booth design and presentation this year, the concept is “YAMAHA Community of PRIDE”, a community that embodies the pride in the identity of Yamaha customers. Combining innovations to get ready to move towards a sustainable future and to strengthen the brand are the philosophy of “Kando” and “5 Unique Styles”, the uniqueness of Yamaha. It is time to extend the direction of the brand concept this year, to “Restart & Revs Up”, for customers who start to live again after the COVID situation has subsided and to create exciting new experiences. Yamaha is determined to focus on developing new innovations and passing on the value of the product to all customers. We have brought prototype cars that have been well-developed with cutting-edge technology as the future products to meet the goal of Zero Carbon Community zone according to the vision of Yamaha Motor Company Limited. Yamaha has seen the importance of Carbon Neutrality and has been working on reducing carbon dioxide emissions and greenhouse gases to zero. For the other zones, Yamaha also offers products and services that deliver both confidence and experience to satisfy the needs of customers.”

Mr. Kenji Komatsu, Chief General Manager of Technical Research & Development Center, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., mentioned about the Zero Carbon Community Zone that “Yamaha Motor is working towards achieving CO2 neutrality by 2050. We believe there are several ways to achieve this. At the head office of Yamaha Motor Japan, we have installed a lot of new equipment. This includes measuring and testing equipment for electric motors, hydrogen gas distribution equipment, and fuel storage tanks Carbon-Neutral. All of them were successfully installed last year. When everything is complete, the plant will play an important role in meeting the green technology standards for Yamaha products exported around the world. Currently, we are doing research to strengthen and develop new technologies. To achieve goals related to reducing carbon emissions, such as the development of electric motors and hydrogen engines today, the collaboration between the current production line and the Blue Core technology are available in Yamaha small bikes. Today, we will see a Product Concept such as a hydrogen engine and EV battery. I sincerely hope that everyone will enjoy the new products and technologies from the Yamaha motorcycle booth.”

Meet the YAMAHA Community booth – a community that embodies the pride in the identity of Yamaha customers. Get ready to see the superior automobiles from Yamaha at the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show between March 22 and April 2, 2023 at Challenger Hall 1, Muang Thong Thani, or follow us for more updates and special events from Yamaha throughout various channels of Yamaha as
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