Mr. Minoru Amano, Chief Executive Officer of Suzuki Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said that the automotive industry in Thailand has started to revitalize and begin to return to normal situations. After going through many crises over the past 2-3 years, the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show, which will be held from March 22 to April 2, 2023 at Challenger Hall, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, will be another important event that encourages Thailand’s automobile market to return to a better trading atmosphere and to grow again.

The 44th Bangkok International Motor Show comes with a brand new concept of ‘COLORFUL EXPERIENCE’, creating an all new experience through the new cutting-edge technology of automobiles. Suzuki concept focuses on exploring new experiences via standard products that have been well-developed and fresh for all customers to try.

Suzuki Motor (Thailand) has displayed all available vehicle army for visitors to try and get closer to the DNA of Suzuki on all products. The unique style of CITY CAR reflects the urban lifestyle of the owner whether driving in a familiar style or trying a new customized style for all types.

For the participants of this event, Suzuki Motor (Thailand) has brought the latest edition to exhibit, especially two most popular ones that have been upgraded with a special limited edition accessories, SUZUKI SWIFT GL NEXT – NEXT to the edge. SUZUKI CELERIO GL UP, a compact model from Suzuki offers a full feature that is worth having.

Mr. Minoru Amano added that although last year was a challenging year for the automotive industry, the important strategy is to provide a product that is affordable and suited for customers in order to enhance both safety and quality of life. The goal is to offer a product that satisfies customers. In 2022, Suzuki will have sold 20,083 units.
At the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show, the overall situation and atmosphere have been improving continuously which also stimulates the sales to achieve the target of 27,000 units by the end of this year.

Mr. Wanllop Treererkngam, executive director for sales and marketing of Suzuki Motor Thailand, stated that visitors who attend the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show will be surprised with all series of Suzuki. The reservation is now available at the event.

A special highlight is the introduction of SUZUKI SWIFT GL NEXT, a new model developed from SUZUKI SWIFT GL, which is the success of several upgraded versions. Moreover, it is widely famous that the model has been sold for several units. NEXT to the edge concept has been designed exclusively for Suzuki customers.

“SUZUKI SWIFT GL NEXT – NEXT to the edge,” enjoy your ride to the fullest. SUZUKI SWIFT GL NEXT is decorated with the new GL NEXT design and all-around skirt and spoiler reflecting its uniqueness. A new GL NEXT Sticker Set also emphasizes its style to feel different.

The Interior design is newly refurbished with a new Kevlar pattern on the console and side door panels. A 7-inch touch screen radio player enables MP3 and WMA files. Bluetooth connectivity with a smartphone will not make you miss any update throughout the journey. The price of SUZUKI SWIFT GL NEXT is 582,000 baht.

“SUZUKI CELERIO GL UP enjoy your riding style with affordable price” has been returned for customers who seek a superior driving experience with a reasonable price. A compact CITY CAR with outstanding features is now available for all customers to access and to become the owner. A special set of GL UP expresses the difference in style with sporty appearance. An all-around skirt and spoiler combined with GL UP sticker set is also included. The price of SUZUKI CELERIO GL UP is 423,000 baht.

As a compact car, it is made to satisfy all types of customers, not only a choice for working age but also for small families. The interior design has been renewed to meet the needs of customers. The Suzuki Celerio GX has a 7-inch touch screen and a radio player that supports both MP3 and WMA files. Bluetooth connectivity supports both Apple Carplay and Android Auto systems. The price of this model is 451,000 baht. 

A compact car with excellent performance and quality that is ideal for driving is the Suzuki Celerio. It features a low fuel consumption, which benefits in fuel savings of almost 20 kilometers per liter. In addition, it is now available in the colors white, red, gray, and black and is environmentally friendly.

In addition, Suzuki also brought a full lineup of quality vehicles at the event which include SUZUKI ERTIGA SMART HYBRID – The Power of Smart, a Hybrid MPVequipped with SMART HYBRID engine and Suzuki intelligent SHVS technology. A combination of engine and electric motor – Integrated Starter Generator or ISG with Lithium-ION battery saves up to 17.9 kilometers per liter creating a smooth take off. The carbon dioxide emissions rate is only 134 g/km. It is also easy to maintain with no difference from a gasoline engine. Driving with confidence with a guaranteed battery life of up to 5 years. The starting price is 783,000 baht.

SUZUKI CIAZ, a premium eco-car sedan that is still in production today. One of the products that has been updated to have a new look. It adds more sportiness and more superior interior equipment. The starting price is 528,000 baht.

SUZUKI XL7, a 7-seat crossover car for families with a spacious interior of 4,450 mm in length, 1,775 mm in width, 1,710 mm in height, and 200 mm in height under the car, offers a full driving performance, and all functions can be fully utilized. The price of SUZUKI XL7 is 814,000 baht

The Suzuki Carry, a multi-purpose pickup truck, is designed to suit all aspects of every lifestyle. Suzuki Carry is no longer being recognized as a “food truck” only for business purposes anymore, but will be known as a “goods truck” that can extend its usage further into society, including personal use, carrying happiness and dreams as a partner who is ready to go along side with sincerity in every ride. We are ready to move towards the goal and achieve success together. The selling price is only 395,000 baht.

In the Customized Zone, Suzuki continues to bring a variety of models to be exhibited at the event. As a guide for customers who prefer unique car decoration, Suzuki is proud to present the SUZUKI CARRY, a versatile pickup truck to inspire entrepreneurs and fulfill their dreams to do business by sparking a new way for a fruit shop career by lifting the shop into the car Promoting freshness, deliciousness, ready to eat to consumers everywhere. It has been designed to have a loading area for fresh fruit. There is also an area for putting ready-to-eat fruits to show how fresh it is from the garden to customers. SUZUKI CARRYis ready to take you anywhere to serve delicious fruits from various locations or even going to the market is still convenient.

This is where SUZUKI CARRY shows a picture of the continuation of every dream, clearly reinforcing the concept of “Carry Your Dream alongside every dream path.” The goal is to transform the pickup truck into a vehicle that brings happiness along every dream path, not only in business and personal usage, but also in terms of assisting society and winning the hearts of true entrepreneurs. 

The highlight of this event creates a surprise for those who are waiting for the official launch of “SUZUKI JIMNY” in March 2019 and ready to create a phenomenon of “Jimny Fever!” by opening a car reservation via online channels. Within 6 days, several customers have reserved this model since the first 90 units of sales quotas, and it is now full.

Suzuki has recently returned to re-create the phenomenon of Jimny Fever! with compact off-road editions for the official launch of SUZUKI JIMNY today. There are limited quotas for 50 units at a starting price of only 1,760,000 baht. It is beyond expectation that there are more people who are interested in this edition than the company expected. Therefore, Suzuki has opened registration for a chance to win a Suzuki Jimny from March 21, 2023, at 4:30 p.m. to April 2, 2023, at 10:00 p.m. Customers who have made reservations do not require prior payment. In case that there are over 50 people interested in participating in this campaign, the company will compile a list of registered names and select customers who have registered under company conditions on the specified date and time. The company will take a draw to select 50 people who are eligible to purchase SUZUKI JIMNY, and the results will be announced on April 5, 2023 via the website In this regard, customers can find more details at this event or at Suzuki showrooms nationwide.

Mr. Wanllop also added that all Suzuki products have satisfied the needs of consumers in many ways. We have committed to continue developing in all aspects of both products and services to become better. We also do have strong dealers ready to develop and walk side by side. Furthermore, we also have partners with leading financial institutions in the country joining as an exclusive leasing team which helps with credit approval to diversify and make it easier for customers to own a Suzuki vehicle. Financial institutions that are partners with Suzuki are Kiatnakin Phatra Bank Public Company Limited, Kasikorn Leasing Company Limited, TMB Thanachart Bank Public Company Limited, and Tisco Bank Public Company Limited.

However, Suzuki welcomes all consumers to have access to quality products and good services both before and after sales. Therefore, we do not target only to generate sales growth, but we also want to make Suzuki a brand that consumers trust, which is to align with our project “SUZUKI Cause We Care – understand every need”.