NETA bring 100% electric vehicles to the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show 2023

NETA Auto (Thailand) Co., Ltd. aims to raise the standard of 100% electric motor vehicles.

Emphasizing on its standpoint of “Popularizer of Smart EV”, NETA introduces new electric vehicle experiences at the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show.

NETA is ready to exhibit the ‘Sporty’ for the ‘Young’ generation and the ‘Fashion’ with “NETA V” — a popular electric car in the style of a city car, and “NETA S” — a sporty Smart Coupé style electric vehicles, “NETA Kid” — an electric vehicle for children, and “Mini Commercial EV” — a concept electric vehicle for small commercial use. All are exhibited at booth A20, Impact Challenger Hall 2, Muang Thong Thani, between March 22 – April 2, 2023.

Mr. Wang ChengJie, the Vice President of Hozon New Energy Sales Co., Ltd. and the Managing Director of Neta Auto (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Said

“Since the start of the business We are dedicated to creating an innovative electric vehicle that everyone can own (the Popularizer of Smart EV), in line with our global mission of creating equal access to technology for all. In the past year, the company has started a business in our overseas markets, Thailand is our first target as a base to access other countries in the ASEAN region together with responding to the increasing demand for electric vehicles of users around the world. After NETA has been highly successful in introducing innovative electric vehicles that are truly accessible to everyone in the China’s market, NETA has become the most potential new energy vehicle brand in China. In addition, the company has also been selected as one of the Top20 new energy vehicle companies in the World, and the number one among the outstanding car manufacturers in the industry, both rankings are based on sales performance sales of more than 260,000 units.”

“In Thailand, NETA recently cooperated with Bang Chan General Assembly Co., Ltd. or BGAC to organize a pillar laying ceremony for NETA’s first overseas assembly plant in Thailand, which located in Bang Chan Industrial Estate in Bangkok, with a goal to be Center for producing right-hand drive electric cars for various countries in ASEAN. The production line of the assembly plant will be open by 2024. NETA V has a market share of electric vehicles at 21% and is guaranteed success with the “Best Hatchback EV” award from the Thailand Car of The Year 2023.

Mr. Bao Zhuangfei, the General Manager of Neta Auto (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Said

“The company continues to focus on 3 important areas in doing business in Thailand, such as offering a variety of products, comprehensive distribution channels, and delivering an impressive driving experience. We strive in all aspects to provide Thai customers with access to innovations and new technologies. We are committed to promoting the electric vehicle industry and the electric vehicle ecosystem in Thailand to be able to grow on a par with the global market.”

“In this 44th Bangkok International Motor Show 20232, we have brought various NETA specialty to exhibit at the booth. Visitors are invited to experience NETA’s electric cars, especially NETA V — a 100% electric cars, the popular model in the style of a City Car that comes with special decorations in a variety of styles. The model reflects the identity of the NETA brand — Fashion, Sporty, and Young. We plan to present a new color “Moonlight Green” that will be delivered to customers from the beginning of May, the NETA S model — a Sporty Smart Coupé electric car with a maximum power of 462 horsepower, and the NETA Kid model — a Children’s electric vehicles reproduced from NETA S. Mini Commercial EV prototypes for small commercial electric vehicles were also exhibited within the show, the model offers convenience, ease of use, flexibility and cost savings which is suitable for carrying or delivering goods in alleys or areas with limited space. Many offers and prizes when booking a NETA V car as well as fun activities are waiting for all visitors at our NETA booth.”

Meet the ultimate 100% electric innovation vehicle along with many special offers from Neta Auto at booth A20, Impact Challenger Hall 2, Muang Thong Thani at the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show from March 22 to April 2, 2023.