HARLEY-DAVIDSON Celebrating the 120th anniversary showcasinging a limited edition motorcycle with a line-up of motorcycles for the year 2023

Harley-Davidson celebrated the 120th anniversary by bringing an army of 5 limited edition motorcycles along with a line-up of motorcycles for the year 2023 to the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show.

Harley-Davidson Highlights of the 120th Anniversary Special Edition motorcycles that stand out and shine in Heirloom Red color, led by the Fat Boy 114 Anniversary, Heritage Classic Anniversary, Road Glide Special Anniversary, Street Glide Special Anniversary and CVO Anniversary models. The 2023 line-up includes the Breakout, the latest high-performance cruiser family, and the all-new Nightster® Special, a mid-weight sports utility vehicle. Middle-weight motorcycles are added to the lineup of Carryover motorcycles in new color schemes, including the Nightster, Sportster S, Road Glide ST and Pan America 1250 Special. Harley-Davidson model year 2023 is available starting at 658,000 baht.
Limited edition motorcycle stands out and shine with Heirloom colors Harley-Davidson launches the CVO Road Glide Limited Anniversary, the limited edition super premium motorcycle to celebrate 120 years of creation with the presentation of the most complex color schemes from Harley-Davidson. Starting with the Anniversary Black base, which will be overlaid with the Heirloom Red panel, decorated with bright red lines and the skill of drawing a golden wavy pattern to finish off the design. There are also hidden tricks to add a special body panel to look like the head and wings of a flying eagle. For the 120th anniversary special shade, it emphasizes the aesthetic expertise and preservation of the classic Harley-Davidson which is available in different designs and featuring Harley-Davidson with more limited editions by combining colors and designs that is inspired by motorbike Harley-Davidson the previous model. In addition, the car body consists of the use of a classic color scheme with a Heirloom Red base paint finish. The car is decorated with bright red stripes and enhanced with a gradient Midnight Crimson paint job. Other special details include an Art Deco golden eagle on the body, seat cover with red frame and logo Harley-Davidson embroidered with gold thread and the engine part with a gradient red color.

The return of the Breakout motorcycle The Breakout is back in the North American line-up of motorcycles in that its style increases the aggressiveness of the engine and redesign the new headlights to match the shape of the car that is long and slender. The vehicle is fully driven by engine Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-Twin style with full torque and power transmission system and Harley-Davidson factory-installed Empowers Breakout riders to be ready to catch all eyes on the road. The Chassis Harley-Davidson Softail® models retain the identity of the classic trunk and driving performance with modern handling. The Breakout bike was built to be a bike that would dazzle the streets with its style and power.

Exciting with the Nightster Special motorcycle in a new way A medium weight motorcycle (middle-weight) with a new look that elevates the riding experience of the Nightster motorcycle with a perfect balance of style. It consists of convenience and advanced technology to be able to drive to the extreme with the Revolution Max 975T liquid-cooled V-twin engine. Its Torque is adjusted to have a low number of revolutions to reduce the total weight of the car. The weight of the engine is combined with the mid-chassis and adding Cruise Control and Traction Control. Electronic Cruise Control will be a standard feature on the Fat Boy, Fat Bob, Breakout and Low Rider S model at the same time. Cruise Control remains a feature on the Low Rider ST, Heritage Classic and Sport Glide motorcycles, while traction control is a new feature on the Breakout. , Low Rider S and Low Rider ST models. This system is designed to prevent excessive wheel rotation under high speed movement. The rider can turn off the traction control by pressing the button located on the hand control.

The Bangkok International Motor Show 2023 will be held from March 22 to April 2, 2023 at Impact Challenger Hall 1-3, Muang Thong Thani by Harley-Davidson at booth number M3.