Ford launches the new generation Ranger and Everest, the latest variants.

Ford establishes another new legend in the Thai automotive industry with the introduction of the latest variant of the Ford Ranger and the new generation of Everest.

The models launched at this event are as follows,

The new generation of Ford Ranger, StormTrak model.
The newest top model of the Ranger meets the challenging lifestyle. Ford has installed a roof rail and adjustable sports bar (Flexible Rack System) for the first time, able to adjust the sports bar to up to 5 positions with one hand. It also supports the installation or the transportation of equipment for adventure and work in many more various types, and able to support a maximum weight of 80 kg while driving and 250 kg when it’s parked.

The opening price is 1,264,000 baht for the 4×2 model and 1,399,000 baht for the 4×4 model.

The new generation of Ford Ranger Raptor 2.0-liter twin turbo diesel engine
The new Ford Ranger Raptor comes with an option of a 2.0-liter diesel engine that stands out for its aggressive styling and modern technology equipment, such as an electric transmission (E-Shifter), a 360-degree view camera, an electric handbrake, advanced driving assistance technology, matrix LED headlights LED tail lights, 12.4-inch on-screen display, 12-inch touch control screen, wireless charging stand, and FordPass communication connectivity system.

The opening price is 1,769,000 baht.

The new generation of Ford Ranger, XLS model
It comes with the strength of the chassis and suspension combining modern technology and a fully safety system. It is available in both 4-door and half-section options. It is equipped with a 2.0-liter single turbo diesel engine and 6-speed automatic transmission as well as varied equipment to fully meet all the purposes of pickup truck, such as LED Multi Reflexter headlights with LED Daytime Running Light, a step on the side of the rear pickup truck, rear view camera for parking, 10.1-inch multi-touch digital dashboard with color display screen and electric steering wheel.
The opening price is 794,000 baht for a semi-truck and 879,000 baht for a 4-door pick-up.

The new generation of Ford Everest, Wildtrak model
Continuing superior performance and technology with a unique Wildtrak design that is cool, strong, and fun to drive in every journey. Together with the power of a 2.0-liter twin-turbo diesel engine, it works with a 10-speed automatic transmission, E-Shifter type, 4×4 drive system with up to 6 driving mode options.

The cabin has been completely redesigned in all black, including leather seats and synthetic leather with orange stitching and the signature of ‘Wildtrak’ logo on the front seats, and black WILDTRAK letters on the front hood.

The opening price is 1,899,000 baht