Exhibiting 3 new models — NINJA ZX-4R, ELIMINATOR and NEW VERSYS650

Kawasaki launches a new motorcycle model that everyone has been waiting for, the Ninja ZX-4R, for the first time in ASEAN at the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show 2023.

Kawasaki unveils the latest model — Ninja ZX-4R, a powerful super sport motorcycle with an outstanding in-line 4-cylinder engine in the 400CC class for the first time in ASEAN. Kawasaki is ready to showcase many other great models at the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show, at Challenger Hall, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani from today – April 2, 2023.

Kawasaki Motor Enterprise (Thailand) Co., Ltd. brings a variety of motorcycle models to exhibit at the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show 2023. The star of the show is the latest Ninja ZX-4R model — the ultimate super sports bike that is ready to attract all the eyes of the visitors. Also, another highlight of the event is the Eliminator model — the new sports cruiser motorcycle that comes with 400CC and the Versys 650 model — the model that is redesigned to increase comfort when riding. In addition, Kawasaki also exhibits a variety of models that will impress the attendees and reflect the spirit of innovation as well as endless development as a successful Japanese motorcycle brand in Thailand.

Kawasaki with the goal of finding their dream bike in their own way has been pushing to spread useful information to people. through unique activities such as the Kawasaki Riding Clinic where you can test ride the motorcycle of your dreams before making a purchase decision. You will receive basic advice on how to ride a motorcycle for safety, even those with no clutch driving experience will be on hand to take care of them as well. And Kawasaki Circuit Ride activities, the activities that impress a large number of customers include teaching driving skills on the race track, motorcycle testing on the race track, and etc.

Khun Jenjira Suwannasingha, the Marketing Manager of Kawasaki Motor Enterprise (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, “Kawasaki is the brand that places importance on Kawasaki motorcycle users as the number one priority. We are regarded as a motorcycle brand that Thai people love and put their attention on. Therefore, Kawasaki plans to organize a riding event providing a memorable and fun to driving experience for Kawasaki customers.”

The STARS of the event at KAWASAKI booth at the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show

“Ninja ZX-4R”
, a 400CC super sport motorcycle that gives a hard to compare thrill. The model comes with in-line 4-cylinder engine, which is the key to fun driving experience, 55kW (75PS) of engine power and a redline above 15,000 rpm.

It is also equipped with the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) which is based on Kawasaki’s flagship model — Z H2. It is aggressive and ferocious with the large ø34 mm ETV (Electronics Throttle Valves) providing excellent throttle response and makes it easier to work on different parts of the system Inside this motorcycle, such as KTRC, riding mode selection and quick shifter operation (on SE models). The thrilling sound of the Ninja ZX-4R engine comes from the Ninja ZX-6R-inspired muffler for maximum power and thumping sound under the control of the law.

The center air ram is a trademarked feature of the Ninja ZX model. The Ninja ZX-4R’s air vents are designed to resemble the Ninja H2, which the engine efficiency increases at every rpm. It is also designed to prevent water from entering the engine while driving in the rain.

The High-Grade Front Suspension SFF-BP (Separate Function Fork – Big Piston) and the Horizontal Back-link Rear Suspension. The front suspension is installed in the SHOWA’s SFF-BP system, it allows the Ninja ZX-4R to be the model that supports both the ride on the track and everyday use. As for the rear shock absorber, it is a Horizontal Back-Link type designed from the Ninja ZX-10R (in the SE model, which the preload of the front shock absorber is adjustable).

The model is also equipped with TFT Color Instrumentation with Circuit Mode Mileage — a 4.3-inch TFT screen that can select mode of riding (Normal, Circuit). The screen displays the speed, engine rpm, gear position indicator, gear shift warning light, fuel level gauge, distance gauge, coolant temperature, clock, battery, lap time, service reminder, driving load, quick shifter and more.
Creating a new experience in controlling various functions through the Smartphone Connectivity system, the TFT screen has Built in Bluetooth to connect to the rider’s phone by connecting through the “RIDEOLOGY” application. It has a function that displays the vehicle information and various driving settings through the phone. All these make the Ninja ZX-4R a superior driving experience models that supports sporty performance that is more majestic and fiercer than any other model in the 400CC class.

  • Ninja ZX-4R is priced at 320,000baht.
  • Ninja ZX-4R SE is priced at 360,000baht.

“Eliminator”, a new 400CC freestyle cruiser that addresses all the reasons why you can’t, or won’t, ride a motorcycle. Add new exhilaration to your journey. Hop on this new freestyle cruiser from Kawasaki and feel the stress from your everyday life melt away. Embrace the freedom that lies down the road, and let the Eliminator refresh your soul. The model is powered by the same basic engine power as the Ninja 400. With a lightweight chassis and natural riding position that accommodates a wide range of riders, both qualities reassure the rider from the first second. The model’s light weight and good center of gravity allow it to move fluently at low speeds. Moreover, Eliminator also comes with a digital LCD screen which were redesigned to be more modern and compact. This LCD screen is the perfect element of this Eliminator. With its approachable nature and character, the Eliminator is your everyday riding partner.

  • Eliminator is priced at 224,900baht.

“Versys 650”, one of the models that drivers understand it very well, the model is medium touring and adventure travel companion with new styling and added comfort. It is equipped with KTRC system providing riders more confidence whether exploring the countryside or city traffic, adjustable windshield that can be adjusted up to 4 levels, and the revamped body structure providing excellent wind protection. The new 4.3-inch full-color TFT panel is also installed in this model, it provides easy access to information and smart connectivity by connecting through the “RIDEOLOGY” application and helps create a more complete driving experience.

Inspired by the Versys 1000, the Versys 650 has been redesigned to match the toughness of Versys family. It features new modern LED lighting. The entire cowling has been redesigned to be sleek and attractive, which allows direct ventilation around the rider to increase rider comfort whether touring or driving for fun.

  • Versys 650 is priced at 329,500baht.

In addition, Kawasaki also exhibits a variety of models such as KLX230, KLX230S, KLX230SM, KLX230SE, KLX140F, KLX110, KX252, Ninja ZX-10RR, Ninja ZX-6R, Ninja 650, Ninja 400, Z1000, Z900, Z650, Versys 1000, KLR 650, Vulcan S, Z650RS, Z900RS. All will be on display. And those who book Kawasaki motorcycles at the event will receive many offers and benefits as well.

For the customers who are interested in visiting Kawasaki motorcycles at the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show 2023 between March 22 – April 2, 2023, please visit the booth C02, Challenger Hall, IMPACT, Muang Thong Thani.