44 years of “Bangkok International Motor Show” Automobile and Motorcycle companies reveal the number of reservations At 45,983 units — an increase of 33%

“The 44th Bangkok International Motor Show” was successful as expected with more than 1,620,459 visitors to the event. Also, more than 40 brands of automobiles and motorcycles participating in the event were pleased to collect a total number of reservations at 45,983 units in all segments, resulting in the overall picture of the Thai automotive industry this year maintaining the rate of continuously growing.

Mr. Jaturont Komolmis, the Chief Operation Officer of Grand Prix International Public Company Limited, as the Vice Chairman of Bangkok International Motor Show, revealed that “The 44th Bangkok International Motor Show” is once again the successful event in all aspects. The number of Automobile and Motorcycle manufacturers, and business operators participating in the event has increased from the previous year. As a result, the atmosphere in the event is lively and the event itself received a lot of attention from visitors. The number of visitors this year is 1,620,459 people, which is quite similar to last year.

In terms of automobile and motorcycle reservations within the event, a total volume of reservations is 45,983 units, an increase of 35.5% compared to the year 2022 with a total number of reservations at the event of 33,936 units.

The number of automobile reservations is 42,885 units, an increase of 34.45% compared to the year 2022. The number of reservations this year can be classified into Electric Vehicle or EV at 9,081 units, accounting for 21.1% of the total number of automobile reservations at this event.

While the number of motorcycle reservations this year is about 3,098 units, an increase of 56.7% from the previous year. About 870 units are Electric Motorcycles (Thai Honda Co., Ltd., a manufacturer and distributor of Honda motorcycles do not wish to inform the volume of reservations within the event)

The factors that attract consumers’ attention to visit and express their intention to reserve the vehicles at the event are larger than expected. One of the important factors is from the operators bringing more than 50 new models of cars including both minor change and model change, along with electric vehicles to exhibit at the event. This helps encourage visitors to come to the event tremendously. While various measures of the Ministry of Public Health on COVID-19 have been relaxed, together with the people being thoroughly vaccinated enabling economic activities, as a result, the economy began to recover and people began to have more confidence in their purchases.

In addition, at this Bangkok International Motor Show, aside from the number of automobile and motorcycle reservations that have grown beautifully, the popularity of boats and jet skis is also growing exponentially. In consequence, about 143 boats and jet skis are booked in the event — 126 units from Siam Watercraft, the distributor of Cranchi, Monterty, and Seadoo, and 17 units from YAMAHA.

Mr. Jaturont also revealed that throughout the past period, the Bangkok International Motor Show always receives good confidence from automobile companies, motorcycle companies and entrepreneurs in the automotive business to operate in the event showcasing and exhibiting the automotive technology to new innovations, along with investing a wonderful amount of money in building booths and displaying spectacular shows all along.

However, the success that happened this time is probably not only the success of the organizing committee. It is a success that has come from the support of Thai people who have contributed to promoting both the automotive industry and Thailand to be known that Thai people can do as well as foreigners. This confirms that we are the number one automobile show in Thailand, the number one of ASEAN, and truly comparable to the world-class automobile shows.

For the event of “The 45th Bangkok International Motor Show 2024″ will take place between March 27 – April 7, 2024 at Impact Challenger 1-3, Muang Thong Thani.