DUCATI releasing 3 models with great punches to win the hearts of bikers

The first time with the Ducati Diavel V4 that is equipped with a wide range of technology that comes with the ultimate V4 Granturismo engine. Get ready to experience the Monster SP, the most innovative from the racetrack at a great price. As for the Enduro Adventure line, this event must not be missed with the most aggressive new color which is “Desert X Black”.

Ducati Thailand shakes up the Motor Show 2023, releasing 3 models that hit the heart of bikers, led by the Ducati Diavel V4. It is a big bike for the sport cruiser line which is full of technology and the most outstanding feature with the new engine V4 Granturismo. Another model that has inherited DNA and technology from the racetrack, Monster SP, comes with added advanced driving performance for bikers to have fun. This model comes with new colors that are more aggressive than ever with the Ducati Desert X Black, a model that is more and more interesting.

Mr. Dom Hetrakul, Managing Director of Motore Italiano Co., Ltd. said, “Ducati Thailand continues to produce big bikes that are outstanding in design and technology. In the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show 2023, There are promotions and great offers. We will bring the Ducati Diavel V4, Monster SP and Ducati Desert X Black to create excitement for the bikers along with a price that is worth it.”

Ducati Diavel V4, a luxury sports cruiser that is equipped with a new engine while the design remains unique, fierce, strong, and charming to all eyes. As for the new Daytime Running Light, dual C-shaped, with LED taillights that stand out like no other. Moreover, the specialty is when emergency braking occurs, tail lights will flash to warn the cars behind immediately making the driver feel more confident towards the safety system that has improved. There are dynamic indicators mounted on the handlebars in front of the brake and clutch pumps. The larger rear tire of the Diavel V4 uses 240/45 Pirelli Rosso III tires clearly revealing the 5-spoke wheel. As for the other highlight, there are 4 small exhaust pipes at the end of the same big pipe resulting in a fierce sound and showing the identity of the V4 engine. As for the footrest, the passenger can also be folded to the side of the car.

The best thing about the Ducati Diavel V4 is the newly developed. Originally it was a 2-cylinder engine that can be cooled by water to a four-cylinder engine which is the V4 Granturismo. It has the same engine as the Multistrada V4, which has been tuned to better match the styling of the car and give a better driving performance than ever. The engine is a 1,158 cc with 168 horsepower and has a maximum torque of 126 Nm.

“Interestingly, the V4 Granturismo engine comes with a cylinder deactivation system. The system will cut off the operation of the two rear cylinders as needed to reduce fuel consumption and can save fuel. The system will start working automatically when driving up to 4,000 rpm.”

Not only it has increased agility but the latest version of the Ducati Diavel V4 also increases durability as its large service distance of 60,000 kilometers with a system to disable the piston bank behind the engine when the car is idle or driving at low speed. It seems without any notice but the suspension has been renovated to be the 50 mm inverted front forks and new rear shocks. The shock absorbance at the front fork is 120 mm and the new rear is at 145 mm which is 15mm more than the Diavel 1260. The Diavel V4 has a seat height of 790mm and has the handlebars moved 20mm closer to the rider for more comfort in driving. It is equipped with a Brembo braking system with Brembo Stylema front brake calipers and twin 330 mm brake discs, same as those used in super sports cars.

As for the electronic system, There is also a new 5-inch TFT color screen to make various basic functions. The car also has a cruise control system in order to drive comfortably when traveling long distances. The launch aid system and quick shifter system enhances the taste of racing.

The Ducati Diavel V4 has four riding modes: Sport, Touring, Urban and the new Wet mode. There is the traction control system, the ABS braking system that can be used in curves and wheel traction control systems. This specialty is available in 2 colors: the classic red Ducati Red and the darkest black Thrilling Black. For the price, it is the best value starting at 1,299,000 baht.

The Monster SP, which has been reduced in weight, came out to make driving even more fun as the driving technology for the safety of the driver has been added. For Ducati and the code SP, it means a model with advanced driving performance improvements. We have now seen SP codes on two products, the Panigale V4 SP and Streetfighter V4 SP. This will be the first time in years that SP codes have been used on a twin-cylinder body and the first time in seven years. The year Monster also received the SP code, the Monster SP was developed with a focus on suspension performance, weight reduction and handling. The car will still be based on the standard Monster engine with a 937 cc Testastretta 11 ° powertrain and 111 horsepower, which is an innovation that can be considered unique to Ducati making the fuel burn more efficient. It comes with a twin-ended Termignoni exhaust system, OhLins 43mm diameter front and rear suspension, and fully adjustable gold-toned USD front forks. The suspension system is tuned to suit the use of the drivers. The overall height of the bike is 810 mm, so that the rider can tilt the bike better when cornering.

The front braking system in the Monster SP has been upgraded to have Brembo Stylema calipers, the same model as the older model, Panigale V4. It has dual front disc brakes, 320 mm in size. The Monster SP from gold shock absorbers catches the eye with the red logo brake calipers. The New Monster SP can be both a two-tone black-red fuel tank color set, a red seat set, a sport-style rear seat cover, a car flicker set and a SP-colored headlight cover. A new suspension modification makes the distance from the area to change from the original LED lighting system around the car, and a 4.3-inch TFT color display. There are 3 driving modes which are Sport / Road / Wet and various safety systems. Ducati is still fully equipped as there are Cornering ABS, Ducati Traction Control, Ducati Wheelie Control, and Ducati Quick Shift up/down like in a normal model.

“Even though there are some updated details around the car, the body weight of the Monster SP is still not very heavy. The weight is 166 kg or 186 kg including liquids which when compared to the old Monster 937, will have a weight reduction of 2 kg from the original. The weight reduction is caused by the 43 mm inverted front shock absorber “Ohlins NIX 30”, reducing body weight 0.6 kg. Also, the”Brembo ”, the ultimate street line “Stylema”, has lost 0.4 kg of body weight and a lithium-ion battery has lost 1.7 kg of body weight. The price of this Monster SP is only 619,000 baht which is considered very worthwhile.”

Another special offer for Ducati Thailand is ready to provide Ducati fans at the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show 2023 is the Ducati Desert X. Since its launch at the end of last year has been overwhelmingly accepted by bikers as it has special and outstanding performance and technology. In this event, everyone will find the Ducati Desert X Black, a special color inspired by the Audi RS Q e-tron motorsport prototype to go through all challenging routes in the Dakar Rally race at the best price worth only 649,000 baht.

For customers who are interested in reserving these 3 top highlights, it can be done at the Ducati booth at the event or any Ducati showroom. Moreover, customers can experience the real car at the Ducati booth number A7 at the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show 2023 at Challenger Hall 1-3, Impact Muang Thong Thani.

Motore Italiano Company Limited, the only official importer and distributor of Ducati in Thailand since July 1, 2021, has 7 showrooms and service centers across the country. Interested customers can see more details from the website www.ducati.com/en Ducati Bangkok showroom and service center, Suvarnabhumi branchand Praditmanutham Branch. Open on weekdays, except Saturday and Sunday from 8.30 – 17.30 hrs.