Isuzu V-Cross 4x4 Master of All Roads

ISUZU is ready for you to experience a special project! “Isuzu V-Cross 4×4 Master of All Roads … Go! Challenge the world” Season 2 at the Isuzu booth at the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show

After Isuzu launched the latest car, both luxury multi -purpose vehicles and pickup trucks, which is the first phenomenon in the Thai pickup truck market in October last year, has been well recognized by car users. As it comes with an ADAS intelligent safety system with a double front camera innovation to build maximum confidence in every journey.

For this year’s Bangkok International Motor Show, Isuzu has showcased 14 latest vehicles to reinforce their great success again. Led by “The New Isuzu D -Max Magic Eyes … Soar the world.” and “New! Isuzu X-series … Infinite X-Life is fun!.” which is the pickup truck lifestyle that comes with a cool identity of red-black tones in order to convey the fun of new adventures without limits. Aside from the various models of the pickup truck , there is still “The New Mew-X” Be Uncharted” and “The New Mew-X Special Phantom Collection” to reflect your inner and different pendant that comes with a new color. It is convenient with Smart Tailgate Step Sensor Technology for intelligent safety giving an endless superior feeling while driving.

In addition, Isuzu has prepared a special car for those who like to decorate the car to stand out and look unique including great promotions, testing cars and activities within the booth to participate in. The success of the marketing under the concept of “ISUZU V-Cross 4×4 Master of All Roads … ongoing all routes” continuously grew in the past year so much so that Isuzu has extended with the presentation of “ISUZU V-Cross 4×4 Master of All Roads … Wade! Challenge the world.” into Season 2, which was filmed in one of the most dangerous routes in the world in New Zealand.

For the ISUZU V-CROSS 4×4 Master of All Roads Season 2 project! “Challenge the world” or the project for “Master of All Roads..Go!”. Isuzu has chosen Khun Pete-Suwat Lim Jiranawin, a professional car racer and actually an owner of Isuzu car on a daily basis to be the person who brought the Isuzu V-Cross 4×4 through obstacles and conquered this mission.

Moreover, adding the excitement with more challenging and intense missions in the city of QueensTown, New Zealand. This particular place is reputed to be the city of the world’s Outdoor adventure activity and is also known for the beauty of its nature. There are many challenging paths for adventurous car lovers as well.

The project will be presented into 2 episodes, divided into 2 missions in 2 locations. The first place is Nevis Road, the highest route above the sea level in New Zealand and another place is Skippers Road, which is one of the most dangerous routes in the world. There are also activities to participate and win prizes in each EP, which everyone can follow. Watch the mission and participate in activities at the same time throughout the country starting from 1 April (EP1) and April 17 (EP2) via, Facebook: All-New Isuzu D-MAX, Youtube: ISUZU Thailand Official and Instagram: Isuzuthailandofficial ” Those interested can experience it at the Isuzu booth at the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show 2023 between March 22 – April 2 at Impact Challenger Hall 2, Muang Thong Thani.